The Amphion Ion+ - Music and Hifi unite!


The Amphion Ion+ - Music and Hifi unite!


Amphion Ion+ - Good enough for the pros, smart enough for the homes.

Music and hifi have gone their separate ways. Let´s bring them back together.


Ion+ houses a premium professional monitoring technology, which works from nearfield as well as from more traditional listening distances. Ion+´s measured response is ruler flat, but it never sounds dry nor irritating. High level of resolution and neutrality allow Ion+ to dig deep into the heart of music. When making the music in the studio or when enjoying it at home.


Ion+ has already been evaluated by some of the world´s finest ears. The only way to find out your own reaction is to have a listen. Ion+ brings music closer to you: Ion+´s controlled dispersion, small size and timeless looks allow you turn create high end haven to places where you spend your time in.


Ion+ combines neutrality with musicality in lifestyle proven package. Ion+ transfers the beauty of music even when recording or file quality is not optimal.


Amphion Ion+

Recommended retail price per pair:

Black / White / Fullwhite painted finish


Operating principle:

2-way, vented


1" titanium 

Mid / woofer:

1 x 4,5" aluminium

Crossover point:

1600 Hz


8 ohm


86 dB

Frequency response:

52 - 25 000 Hz

Power recommendation:

25 - 120 W

Measurements (h x w x d):

268 x 134 x 220 mm


6 Kg


black, white, fullwhite

High Resolution picture 1

High Resolution picture 2

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