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25-28 January, 2018
Anaheim Convention Center
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3-4 February, 2018
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Hamburg, Germany
6-9 February, 2018
RAI Amsterdam
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3-4 March, 2018
Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa
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10-13 May, 2018
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8-9 September, 2018
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17-20 October, 2018
Javits Center
New York, United States

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Paul ‘Morcheeba’ Godfrey finds peace and inspiration in a small 100-year old church near Hastings, England

"I’d never heard punchy low mids from such a small speaker cabinet - the One15 and the Amp100.”


Clayton Segelov, Head engineer at The Brain Recording Studios, talks about their new facility in Sydney, equipped with Amphion monitors

“Amphion's have made a larger impact on my work than any single piece of analog hardware.”


A custom console by Paul Wolff and an Amphion surround sound set up are the centerpiece of Schweiger Studios in Berlin

“Work is faster, and I need far less effort in order to achieve my goals. I can just believe in what my Amphions are telling me," says Gregor Schweiger, the studio owner.


Eine von Paul Wolff massgeschneiderte Konsole und ein Surround-Sound-Setup von Amphion sind das Kernstück der Schweiger Studios in Berlin

„Meine Arbeit geht jetzt schneller, es ist mit wesentlich weniger Aufwand und Zeit verbunden, den Sound zu erzielen, den ich haben will. Ich kann meinen Amphions da voll und ganz vertrauen."


The Emmy 2017 nominated CNN's "Why We Go” was scored on Amphion studio monitors at SYN Music

"Having the clarity of the Amphion speakers was a help in rebuilding the orchestra in our studio. Mixing the strings on One18s was really nice and easy," says Justin Frieden, Production Manager at SYN Tokyo.