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David Reitzas: "…the Amphions are NS10s on steroids…"


One of the most respected audio engineers worldwide, David Reitzas has four Grammy Awards for his work with Natalie Cole, Madonna and the Latin American star Luis Miguel. In 2001 Reitsaz won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing of Barbara Streisand’s Timeless: Live in Concert.

Now, a resident at the legendary Westlake Studio in Hollywood, California, Reitzas shares that he was very fortunate meeting the producer David Foster in the early stage of his career. “Just sitting on a side of David Foster for all those years has been an amazing experience,” Reitzas says. In this period Reitzas had the chance to work on a number of exceptional projects for major artists with whom he continued collaborating later in his career.

Throughout the years Reitzas made a name of an engineer with an extreme attention to details. His commitment to make the artist and producer feel comfortable is among his most valued features. The most important for him is that the artists do not focus on technical issues, but creativity and performance. He is often heard saying: “If you can imagine it, I can do it!”

Reitzas has been working in some of the best studios in the world with some of the best setups. Now, looking around his room in Westlake it is hard not to notice his love for great equipment. Among the latest weapons of choice in Reitzas’s impressively equipped studio is a pair of Amphion’s studio monitors Two18 and Amp500. “A great-sounding speaker…a perfect companion to the NS10s which I’ve got used to working on for about 30 years,” says Reitzas. “I was looking for something that will give me that same sensation, but even more…”Reitzas continues. “It is like the Amphions are NS10s on steroids.”

“I work in a room that I have to move a lot and not sit in front of the computer the whole day,” shares Reitzas. One of the great features of the Amphions, according to him, is that they sound good throughout the room. “Every spot is the sweet spot,” says Reitsaz. When recording and mixing he has to make thousands of creative decisions, “choices, fader rides and little tweaks on the outboard gear.” In these critical situations “you need to trust the last part of the chain, which is from the speaker to the ear,” continues Reitsaz. Now, Reitzas trusts Amphion’s Two18 passive studio monitors, which he describes as “a perfect companion to my critical listening needs…” “The Amphion system gives me complete confidence that the decisions I make in the studio are going to translate accurately to the outside world,” concludes Reitzas.

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