"Boy, I really like these speakers!"

Bruce Swedien
Five-time Grammy winner, on the early prototype, which evolved into Amphion One12 studio monitor and Amphion Ion+ consumer product.
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"I hear things I could not hear before."

"You are able to compose and mix on these speakers. If you are a composer and also able to mix your own music that is a huge benefit. That’s just the way the industry is going.

"My mixes are improving, when I am using these speakers."

Jesper Kyd
BAFTA award winning composer films, TV and games
Jesper’s credits include Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands, Darksiders 2, Gears of War and Forza Motorsport
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“Beautiful, accurate, honest, inspiring!”

“A perfect companion to my critical listening needs - monitors I can trust! The Amphion system gives me complete confidence that those decisions I make in the studio are going to translate accurately to the outside world.” 

Dave Reitzas
Multiple Grammy and Emmy award-winning Mixer/Engineer

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"Work with them."

"Don't just A/B stuff. Work with them and prepare for the moment of revelation."

"Sure, you can take my Amphions. Just prepare for a battle.”

Petri Alanko
Game Music Producer, on Amphion One12 



"My search for ultimate speakers is over."


"The Two18s are providing me with detail, 3D depth and  stereo width, which I never experienced before. No more insecurity regarding any frequency or knowing when a mix is ready. These speakers are a real time-saver. With Two18, my mixes get done fast. Changes are very rare and my clients are happier than ever."

Alan Vukelic
Mixing Engineer/Producer, on Amphion Two18



"Excellent speakers!"

“My first impression of the One18’s was the wide spread of the sweet spot. I can mix comfortably, sitting anywhere around the console. The natural tone and frequency response allowed me to achieve 12-hour-long sessions, with no fatigue. Excellent speakers!"

Norberto Islas
6-time Grammy Winner
10-time Grammy Nominee



"Beautifully honest."

"I'm done with brutally honest. These are beautifully honest."

Lars Fox
Grammy-nominated music editor


"Phase accuracy and imaging that is second to none."

"The Amphion Two18s are everything I was looking for in a pair of midfield/larger nearfield monitors for my room, and seem perfectly balanced to my acoustical environment and tastes. They offer me a neutral presentation, with a phase accuracy and imaging that is second to none, but at the same time remain musical and are an inspiration to work on, which is seemingly a rare combination of qualities in a speaker in my experience."

Justin Fraser
Emmy Award Winning & Grammy Nominated Engineer


"By far the most unobtrusive, transparent and elegantly truthful studio monitor."

"Since the first time I worked with them I knew that I couldn't imagine a single day of mixing without the Two18’s, and thankfully I haven’t had to. They’ve redefined the art form and rekindled why I fell in love with this craft. Definitely a “pry from my cold dead hands” sort of thing and I couldn't be more grateful about it. Thank you Amphion."

Producer, mix & mastering engineer, whose credits include EA Sports, Madden NFL 16, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Qusai, Fredwreck, Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz, Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Solillaquists of Sound, MF Doom, and more