Amphion + NuForce Combos.

These complete synergistic combo systems we use ourselves daily and are happy to recommend to even our closest friends.

Plug, Play & Smile!

Amphion  - Just music. 
Nothing less. Nothing more.

Helium 410 is compact and easy to place. It´s timeless appearance and variety of color options allow you to blend it with any decor. 

Please do not let the size or the looks fool you. The sound of Helium 410 can impress even the toughest critics. Whatever your sound sorrow Helium 410 could be the remedy.

Helium 410 is handmade in Finland and due to its controlled dispersion it keeps it´s clarity even when placed close to the boundaries, such as desktops, TV tops, bookshelves or side or back walls. 

Helium 410 - For the modern home!

One of the carefully put together mini systems might be for you if you want:

  • To focus more on enjoying music and movies than reading technical specs and manuals

  • To get best sound from streaming services (Spotify, Mog, Voddler)

  • Something of high value - due to high degree of system synergy you get most out of your investment 

  • To get 3 systems in one so that when you living situation changes your system does not.

  • All combo systems perform perfectly as small room main system, desktop system or fill your whole house with music for background listening.

  • Safeguard yourself toward uncertainties of the future. 

As the rapidly developing digital world (amplifier or D/A conversion technology / changes in connector/connection standards) is “isolated” your system can be brought “up to spec” again with relatively modest investment. As the laws of physics are unlikely to change major share of system price is safe in Amphion speakers, which will provide years of daily pleasure without a worry of them becoming obsolete.

Amphion + Nuforce – Combos are easy to set up and use, but do not sacrifice performance. Combinations allow you to get best possible sound from sources you already have i.e. computer, ipod, iphone, ipad, and TV.

Amphion. Just music. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Amphion Ion is tough to classify. Interior designers love it. Highend reviewers praise it. Recording engineers use it. 

If you simply like great sound, but do not want to overwhelm your life with audio, Ion may be a perfect choice for you. It is also one of the most versatile speakers around. Like all Amphion speakers - Ion can be found in various colors.

Pair it with NuForce Icon2 and you´ll have a perfect High End desktop system.

Ion - Lifestyle? Highend? Or simply a modern classic?



Reviews, tests, expert opinions on Amphion + NuForce Combos!

Amphion Ion + NuForce Icon2



“It is simply a coup, a steal, offering a desktop system of a seldom seen kind."

Sven Bilé / 


"Fresh and sexy looking combo which also sounds good"

Kari Nevalainen, MikroBitti Magazine Finland,


5/5 stars from Hi-Fi World

“Best used as near-field set-up, but admirable as a small room rig, this pairing offers fine sound quality and value.” 

Paul Rigby, Hi-Fi World

Amphion Helium 410 + NuForce Icon2




"This is the answer!

A computer speaker system has to cope with a vast range of sounds with no guarantees of audio quality, all the while being well integrated enough to work within arm´s reach of the listener. This is harsh environment for good sound but the Amphion/Nuforce hook-up passes muster brilliantly. Best of all though, it achieves that goal with a smile on its face, and the sense of fun is infectious. Fun enough in fact that it might cause some big-league head-scratching when you return to your mode highfalutin´but not as ultimately entertaining hi-fi system"

Alan Sircom, Editor Hifi+, Combo test in issue 81 July 2011


“The sound has impressive impact with immediacy and warmth.”

Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine


“I have not experienced a better EAReaction. For the first time ever it feels more fun to listen to music than to actually play it.”

Erik GrönwallArtist - Sweden 


"NuForce Icon2 is great partner for Helium410, especially when using computer as source. Combination makes Spotify Premium sound amazingly good."

Henri Kuokka, - Finland