Why Amphion?

Hear more music

Since 1998 Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, which are insensitive to problems of room acoustics. Innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion enable you to hear more of your music, and less of your room. 


To maximize your enjoyment Amphion actually gives you three loudspeakers in one.  The highly advanced acoustical engineering leads into:

  • Perfect nearfield performance in studio or your computer

  • Wide and even listening area for enjoying a music concert or a movie with friends

  • Multiroom-filing live-like sound to be enjoyed in the background

This is unique. This is evolutionary. This guarantees that you will enjoy your speakers however you end up using them.  


Making pure natural sound part of your daily life

Pure sound should be part of everyday life. To achieve this, loudspeakers must become part of home´s interior. We at Amphion do everything we can to achieve this – everything except compromise on sound quality.


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Turn the volume down 
-and still hear everything

The demands of daily life often leave only the "after-hours" to calm down. Hearing unstressed natural sound becomes exceedingly important.

Amphion´s clarity and unrivalled speech intelligibility remain unchanged even at lowest listening levels. This ensures you are not bothering others during your late night movie or music sessions.

Pure and unstrained low-level reproduction allows you to enjoy the high quality audio signals present in normal TV and radio programs.

Sound sweet home


A perfect home looks, sounds and feels good.  To contribute positively to your home´s atmosphere loudspeakers must become part of home interior. 

The coherent and broad soundfield allows you to move around while enjoying your music. Multiroom filing sound allows controlling your home´s ambiance - also by playing something quietly in the background. 

The joy of good sound can enrich all lives and is meant for all in the family to enjoy.

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Human voice 
-the greatest instrument

Human voice is perfect loudspeakers evaluation material as we all know how it should sound.

Amphion´s seamless driver integration and carefully executed natural balance gives you

  • Unrivalled midrange clarity and speech intelligility

  • Clarity which is present already at surprisingly low volume levels

  • Unstressed, pure and natural voice band

Listening to realistically reproduced human voices through Amphion is like music to your ears.

In addition to obvious benefits with movies and music, Amphion´s unrivalled voice band contributes greatly to voice books and learning related applications. Or just improves the life of your aging parents.

3D - For Your Ear


The secret of Amphion´s superior 3D imaging lies in using a tweeter & waveguide combination, where we human´s hear best. Amphion´s solution increases transient speed, which together with very low distortion leads into airy, involving sound experience. Unrivalled palpable three dimensionality and pinpoint imaging allows “seeing” your favourite musicians on stage, or allows you to enjoy the differences between the acoustics of world famous concert halls.

Amphion´s sonic 3D adds greatly to the magical illusion of “being there” and allows you to immerse into your favourite sound field, be it music, movie or video game.

Pure driver integration

The biggest challenge in loudspeaker design is to integrate the chosen drivers into one seamless product. Amphion´s proprietray waveguide provides and elegant and effective solution as it improves the coupling between tweeter and woofer. This superior integration over a broad frequency-band leads into purer, more natural sound.

The human sensory system is precise at detecting variations of the time constants in music. Amphion´s innovative acoustical engineering makes electrical time corrections less necessary. Result is a more natural sound, with deeper emotional involvement and engagement.

Pure room acoustics


Acoustics has a major impact on how the room sounds and feels like. To produce a purer, more natural sound despite differences in room acoustics Amphion uses innovative acoustic engineering called U/D/D technology (Uniformly Directive Diffusion). U/D/D creates a dispersion, which is more uniform and evenly controlled though out a broad frequency band. This reduces the room´s adverse effects on final sound allowing you hear more of your music and less of your room.

The positive effects of U/D/D are most evident with “real world” loudspeaker placements. U/D/D help speakers to keep their clarity and naturalness, even when placed close to boundaries, be their walls, bookshelfs or desk tops.

Amphion´s experience and sound knowledge in room acoustics allows you to enjoy the positive atmosperic effects a purer sound has on your home -and you life.