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25-28 January, 2018
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Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, United States
3-4 February, 2018
Holiday Inn Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
6-9 February, 2018
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RAI Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3-4 March, 2018
Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa
Vantaa, Finland
10-13 May, 2018
MOC Center
Munich, Germany
8-9 September, 2018
Holiday Inn Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany
17-20 October, 2018
Javits Center
New York, United States

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Amphion at Habitare2011

Finnish Interior Decoration Exhibition.

Pictures from our stand.


Swedish Bild&Ljud Hemma chooses Helium 410


Helium 410 is a speaker system that really only consists of two passive speakers. We have also tried with a NuForce Icon 2 amplifier.

"The amplifier increases the price of 3500 SEK to 9500, but is definitely worth the money both in terms of usage and sound."

"We tested the Helium 410 both with and without NuForce amplifier and if you do not already have an amplifier, we recommend Icon 2 warmest. It gives the extra kick you want. It is also practical with connections amplifier."

"Sound Image is however open and detailed. Complex pieces of music are separated extremely well so it's about rich audio experience. With a trained ear can pick out individual voices from Flying Pickett. On second thoughts do not need ears to be especially trained either. All we exposed the speakers sounded brilliant, so long as the base was too dominant."



Tip of the Week!

Ever wonder why they call it rock and ROLL...

ZZ Top - La Grange


Tip of the Week!

Play this one LOUUUUUDDDD!!! Rammstein is one of the few harder rock bands who pay attention to the fact the suspense in the songs needs to get through to the listener. 

Rammstein - Rosenrot


Tip of the Week! 

Rumer - Come To Me High (Spotify)

Listen to what happens when a girl grows up surrounded by high quality LPs instead of TV and internet. Rumer is not another pretty girl who wanted to sing.

Dig into the background story and dig it! www.rumer.co.uk