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25-28 January, 2018
Booth 15322
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, United States
3-4 February, 2018
Holiday Inn Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
6-9 February, 2018
Booth 7-X185
RAI Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3-4 March, 2018
Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa
Vantaa, Finland
10-13 May, 2018
MOC Center
Munich, Germany
8-9 September, 2018
Holiday Inn Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany
17-20 October, 2018
Javits Center
New York, United States

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Amphion Tip of The Week! Again some relaxing music from bandcamp.com.


Stockfisch chooses Amphion!

Now audiophiles have access to the same speakers that Mr. Pauler uses to check how his mixes sound in domestic environments.

Read more.


Best of CES 2011 by Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine

"My favorite interview of the 2011 CES"

—Anssi Hyvönen of Amphion, discussing hi-fi’s place in nature and its ability to nourish our souls. 


Amphion Tip of The Week! Please, go to bandcamp.com and listen some amazing music.