Amphion messukalenteri

Hifistudio, Tampere

  • 11-13 Lokakuu

Hifimessut, Oulu

  • 19-20 lokakuuta
  • Radisson Blu 


  • 1-3 marraskuuta
  • Messukeskus, Helsinki

Audio Visual Helsinki 2013

  • Messukeskus,
  • 13-15 marraskuuta



Krypton arvostelut!

Miten sovittaa täysi sinfoniaorkesteri pieneen kuunteluhuoneeseen? Pidätkö täyden äänialueen kaiuttimesta, mutta ei ole tilaa nauttia sellaista? The Absolute Sound - lehden Robert Greenillä on ratkaisu tähän ongelmaan.

"This speaker design embodies ideas that have to my mind and ears a fundamental correctness in their ability to take the listening room out of the system" "because the Kryptons put out so little to the sides, they can be quite close to the sidewalls. Even if you do not have a huge room, you can put them far apart and reproduce large-scale music with something much closer to the physical scale of the live event. Add to this that the Kryptons 3s will play loudly without strain, and something more like an orchestral concert, say, can be reproduced better than most speakers even dream of."


"The Krypton³s really are spectacular: remarkable indeed in their spatial presentation, superb in perceived resolution, ultra-low in distortion even at enormous volumes (they will play loud!), and almost completely free of coloration arising from off-axis irregularities. It all adds up to remarkably realistic sound".


"I found the whole experience fascinating. I pulled out many of my old favorite recordings  just to see how they would turn out when given this kind of convincing clarity of both the music itself and the space around, many more than were called for in preparation of the review as such"


Robert Green, The Absolute Sound (TAS 223)

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